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Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of not fewer than 5, nor more than 7, members.  

Here is our current Board….and the year their term expires (at the annual meeting).

WIMHF President: Jim Green (2022)

I have long been interested in sailing.  I first learned to sail in Newport, Rhode Island, on a Rhoads 19 and Mercury 14. I then sailed sporadically over the years, often in places few think of as sailing havens…Navajo Lake (New Mexico) and Flathead Lake (Montana).  About a year after moving to Whidbey Island to be close to a large body of water,  I was on the Coupeville wharf as Suva sailed into Coupeville for the first time, and I soon went for a sail.  Wanting to sail as a member of her crew, I quickly  became involved in the CMHF and was an early member of what has become  the Suva steering committee.   

WIMHF Vice President:  Chris Bradley  (2024)

My professional background is high tech manufacturing supply chain. I first learned to sail while living in the Bay Area. Interest turned to passion and I began crewing on a 5-person Racing Sloop out of Alameda in San Francisco Bay. My wife and I moved to Whidbey Island in 2006. After retiring to Coupeville in 2013 I was looking for something to direct my energy which led me to Suva in 2016 and have been sailing aboard her ever since. I’ve risen through the ranks (Apprentice to Deckhand and of late – Bosun).

Treasurer: Jason Magee (2024)

Secretary: Pete Wells (2024)

I have been involved with some aspect of the marine environment for most of my life. Growing up in NY I spent most summers at the beach, on the water sailing with friends, and learning to SCUBA dive when I was 15. My undergraduate degree is in Ocean Engineering. Professionally, I have worked for International Underwater Contractors as a commercial diver, and American Bureau of Shipping as a structural engineer. These were followed by program management positions on civilian space programs and commercial aircraft. I am the proud owner of a 1955 Nordic Folkboat and am restoring a 1969 Eric Jr. sloop. Serving as a Director for the Whidbey Island Maritime Heritage Foundation is a great honor for me as it provides me an opportunity to help preserve the S/V Suva as well as improve the quality of our marine environment



Member:  Dr Wylie Vracin.  (2024)

I moved here in 1982 to Coupeville with wife Ginny and 4 children, becoming the First Internal Medicine Specialist on our Island. My family has always enjoyed water-based activities, always involving power-boating. I retired from my active medical practice in 2010, and met up with our Schooner SUVA about 4 years ago. I served the CMHF as Board President from it's inception in 2015 until 2022, and find myself having SUVA discussions quite often when newcomers ask questions as they pertain to our historic vessel.

Member: Mark Saia (2022)
A founding member of the Coupeville Maritime Heritage Foundation, Mark was reelected to the board in 2019. Licensed as a 100 Ton yacht master with a sailing endorsement, he has sailed the Eastern Seaboard, the US and British Virgin Islands, and Maui, Hawaii. He has also worked in Monterrey Bay co-captaining and assisting with the Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s Science under Sail program.

Our Mission: To create awareness of the Maritime Heritage of Whidbey Island, Coupeville, and Penn Cove  through education of, promoting, and preserving its maritime traditions. 

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